Is there free parking?

Yes, we have free parking in front of our gym.

Is it possible to try a lesson?

Yes, you can always try a small group session for free. Just book you free lesson via out schedule of fill in the contact form

What do I need to bring?

Bring sports clothes and shoes. We have towels and water. There a lockers for your personal belongings


How long is a session?

Personal training sessions are one hour, small group is 45 minutes per training

Do I have to sign up for one year?

No, you pay per month so you can stop whenever you want. Just let us know before the end of the month.

Can I train by myself?

Only on low hours, so on weekdays between 11 am en 4 pm.

Is it possible to only do a scan?

Yes you can, costs are €30,-

Lockdown Gym

Is the gym open during lockdown?

No, the gym is closed but we have options for outdoor training to train safe en following the rules.

Can I start with Personal training during the lockdown?

Yes you can start with personal training. We have options to train outside.

Is it possible to train with a buddy

Yes you can train with a partner or buddy. We train in compliance rules that are currently valid.

Working out results in feeling more energetic

Pim [ Personal Trainer ]

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